Fall can be a beautiful time of year. Make sure you follow these maintenance tips annually.

As the temperatures begin to drop, the morning grass is covered in dew and the leaves begin to change colors. Autumn is here, and that means there are a few importance maintenance items that need to be addressed on your home.

  1. After the leaves have fallen from the trees, make sure to get them cleaned from your gutters. Leaves and debris can clog your gutter and downspout system which causes overflowing and too much water soaking in around your foundation.  It is best to annually clean, or hire a professional to clean your gutters and remove all debris.  Ideally we want the water to be channeled down the downspouts and away from your foundation.
  2. Tree trimming is a very important part of home maintenance. Take a walk around your home and look up at all the trees.  Are there any large tree branches overhanging your home?  Any dead or damaged limbs that may come down over the winter that can cause property damage, or even worse, injure a loved one?  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional to trim away excess limbs.
  3. Check the sealant on your home. Over the course of Winter, Spring, and Summer, the sealant around all the penetrations in your home expands and contracts. Older sealant can become brittle and not function as intended. This can lead to water intrusion and potential damage in the wall cavity or in your home.
  4. Put away hoses and sprinklers. Leaving hoses out in the winter can cause them to freeze and become damaged or destroyed. Every fall, make sure to coil up your hoses and sprinklers and take them somewhere inside like the garage. Also, make sure your hose bibs are frost proof. Newer homes typically have frost proof hose bibs, but many older homes do not. We recommend upgrading them to prevent them from freezing and bursting in your walls.
  5. Fall is a great time to service your lawn.  Aerating and overseeding your lawn annually reduces compaction and provides a pathway for oxygen and vital nutrients to get down to the root layer. Overseeding while aerating gets grass seed down into the cores and will help your lawn look happy and healthy come spring time.
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