Summer is right around the corner, and it’s starting to heat up outside. Here’s some tips for keeping you and your air conditioning system happy.


If you have an air conditioning system in your house, you’re probably ready to turn it on and cool off a bit. However, before you crank it on, there’s a few maintenance items you should be aware of:

  1.  It is recommended that you have your system inspected and tuned up annually by a licensed technician
  2. Replacing air filters every 3 months keeps your system running more efficient
  3. Close vents in rooms that aren’t being used so you get the cold air where you want it more
  4. Install a programmable thermostat and start saving money


Replacing air filters is easy and cheap, often costing less than $10 per filter! It’s an easy maintenance item that keeps the air you’re breathing cleaner and keeps your system happy.  Clogged air filters can drastically reduce the air flow to your heat exchanger. This causes your fans to work harder and can reduce their lifespans forcing you to pay unwanted repair bills. It can also draw air so hard that holes will tear in your filters, allowing all of that house dust, pollen, and dander to get into the actual unit, yikes!

Another much more important reason to keep your air filters clean is heat exchanger freeze up.  Your heat exchanger has a steady supply of chilled refrigerant running through it. It’s intended purpose is to chill the air and send it to your supply vents.  In the process, it absorbs heat, and cycles that heat outside where it’s discarded.  If your air filters are dirty and the heat exchanger doesn’t absorb enough heat from the supply air, it can actually freeze up. This doesn’t allow the refrigerant to convert to it’s gaseous state as it’s intended to.


Compressor pumps cannot compress liquid. This will destroy your compressor!


If it doesn’t convert to a gas before it gets to the compressor, your compressor will likely be destroyed. There are two ways of identifying this problem:

  1. The heat exhanger is frozen. You’re not likely to notice this issue unless you’re taking apart the central A/C cabinet and looking inside. You may happen to notice some condensation on the exterior metal cabinet and it’s cold to the touch, but again, not likely.
  2. The copper lines at the outside heat pump are frozen. There are two copper lines running from the heat pump into your home. This is much more noticeable and if there’s a build up of frost all over them, shut your system off immediately and recommend immediate review by a qualified professional.


Replace your air filters every 3 months and save yourself the time, money, and headache.


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