The Pre-Inspection agreement is a critical part of taking action on a home inspection. It’s a valuable document for both the home inspector and the client in many ways. Typically home inspector insurance providers require this document be signed before services may be provided. Below are a few of the items the agreement covers:

  1. Overall scope of work
  2. Price to be paid for the service
  3. What standards of practice, if any, are to be followed
  4. What items are excluded from the inspection
  5. How to resolve disputes

In the short list above, you can see how this agreement covers a very powerful scope of topics. As the client, this document gives you all the details of what to expect from your home inspection, and more importantly, what items are excluded. A commonly excluded item for example, would be a swing set. Knowing this item wasn’t inspected, you know that it’s your responsibility for you and your children to use it in a safe manner and any issues that arise aren’t the responsibility of the home inspector.

If you see items that are excluded, or simply aren’t listed, ask your inspector!  Some may be willing to add them in for a fee, or possibly do it as good customer service.  Ultimately we work for you, and want to give you an unbiased report of the overall condition of your home and components. We also want you to be aware of exactly what items were, and were not inspected. People want to know what they’re paying for, and this document is a critical piece to protecting yourself as well as the home inspector.

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