This maintenance tip can potentially save you thousands.

Winter is beyond us and the rain is beginning to come in waves. Now, more than ever, is a great time to test your sump pump for operation.  We recommend testing them every three to four months for functionality. The typical lifespan of a pump is 7 years, and failing to test for operation could leave your basement full of water. A replacement sump pump retails for under $200, a flooded basement retails for thousands. Setting a quarterly reminder on your calendar could save you a lot of money!


There are three easy ways to test your sump pump:

  1. If there are two cords plugged into each other in the outlet, pull out the back cord, and plug it directly in to the outlet.
  2. If there is a removable cover, simply remove the lid, reach down and grab the float and lift it up. The float is usually a black plastic ball the size of an orange.
  3. If there is a sealed cover, dump a 5 gallon bucket or two of water into the sump area.

Any of these three methods should trigger the sump pump to turn on and send the water outside. Some pumps can be very quiet, so listen for a light humming noise, or feel the discharge pipe for vibration. If the pump doesn’t turn on, give your local plumber a call and get it fixed.

If you ever have any questions about sump pumps or need a home inspection, feel free to give us a call.

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